Maurizio Anzeri

Because of my own interest in using photographs as a part of my artistic practice, I am always drawn to other artists who use photographs as a piece of their work. I have seen (and myself experimented with) many forms of photographic collage, as well as painting and drawing on photos to create new images. However, I cannot say I have seen many instances of the way Maurizio Anzeri manipulates his photographs: he sews directly into them. I love the way the often brightly colored thread contrasts against and skews the vintage black and white photograph underneath. The shapes formed by the thread often give an illusion of an elaborate costume or mask, however also feel a bit disturbing to me as the thread literally cuts into the bodies of these figures. I would love to see one of these in person; I bet their physicality would make them even more striking.

(via LETSLOVEART and Saatchi Gallery)

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